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Timeshares in Asia

Explore Every Corner of Asia From the glittering city lights of Hong Kong to the rural villages of Tibet, Asia is a land of rich diversity, history and culture. After just one visit to this stunning continent you'll find that you'll be drawn again and again. One way to ensure that you and your family will be able to return to either your favorite Asian destination, or a new and exciting locale every year is to buy timeshare.

Timeshares Can Save You Money Many travelers shy away from the idea of timeshares, but they're really quite simple. When you buy timeshare what you're essentially purchasing is an increment of time, generally one week, every year or every other year at the resort or vacation club of your choice. Other owners will also purchase time at this resort and use the unit when you're not. Therefore, the cost to the individual owner is drastically reduced while the amenities and appointments are generally of a much higher quality than you'd find in a hotel room of similar pricing. With so many owners "pitching in," everyone can secure inexpensive and luxurious vacations.

Return to a Favorite Locale If you've found an Asian locale that you know you'll want to return to every year, like a seaside resort in Thailand, it makes sense to purchase timeshare there. Your property will be waiting for you whenever you want to return, and you can always rest assured that it will be ready and well equipped. However, one little known fact about timeshares is that they're actually very flexible. If you'd like to explore some different regions of Asia, like the bustling metropolis that is Japan, you can trade your week in Thailand for a week in Tokyo. In fact, timeshares can take you all over the world. The only thing you'll have to ensure in order to use your timeshare to travel to every reach of Asia and beyond, is that it is affiliated with an expansive exchange company like Resort Condominiums International, RCI or Interval International (II). These companies are essentially trade facilitators. Or Travel Anywhere The above method is the most traditional form of timeshare ownership with the benefit to travel, but what if, rather than return to one destination year after year, you'd prefer to explore all the ins and outs of this vast continent without having to concern yourself with trading. If this sounds like you, you might want to purchase timeshare in a vacation club. Vacation clubs sell timeshare much like resorts, except that, rather than be assigned to a specific destination, vacation clubs allow owners to choose from a broad array of resorts every year. Asia is a continent bursting at its seams with vacation opportunities. Let timeshares take you there and back every year.

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